Does Your Breath Have A Bad Odor? Visit a General Dentist To Find Out Why

Have you noticed a bad odor coming from your mouth recently? If you are brushing your teeth regularly and you are still noticing the foul odor that is making you feel uncomfortable, you need to see a general dentist. By visiting the dentist, you can find out what is causing your breath to smell.

What Could Be Causing Such a Foul Odor?

You may be wondering what could possibly cause such a foul odor to come from your mouth. There is a chance that you have a buildup of tartar on your teeth. When you are not flossing regularly, plaque will start to form on your teeth and in the middle of them. You can remove plaque by using floss and mouthwash. However, if you are not getting rid of the plaque when it first forms on the teeth, it will eventually get hard and become tartar. It is difficult to remove tartar at home because it sticks to the teeth. You would need to have it removed with dental tools by the general dentist.

Tartar buildup is a common cause of bad breath, but it might not be the only reason you are noticing a foul odor coming from your mouth. In fact, if you have some dental decay, it could leave your breath smelling bad.

How Does the Dentist Help Eliminate the Odor?

The dentist must first find out what is causing the odor to occur. Finding the root of the problem does not take too long because the general dentist will examine the teeth and he or she will be able to notice tartar buildup, plaque buildup, and any signs of decay. If you have a lot of tartar, the dentist will remove it with a dental scaler and will then provide suggestions on things you can do to keep the tartar out of your mouth for good. If there is any decay going on with your teeth, the dentist would need to remove the decay and cover the tooth with a filling.

If your breath smells bad after you have brushed your teeth and you are feeling embarrassed and frustrated because of it, make plans to visit the dentist. You could have bad breath because of a tartar buildup or because some of your teeth are decaying. A dentist can identify different problems, provide solutions, and offer suggestions on how to keep your teeth healthy and your breath smelling a lot better than it smelled before.

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