Correcting Dental Problems With A Crown

Sometimes, dental patients can be poorly informed about their treatment options when confronted with damaged or decaying teeth. Learning more about options like dental crowns can help patients make better decisions about their treatment.

Is A Dental Crown The Same As Replacing A Tooth?

There are few dental treatments that will be more important or invasive than having a tooth completely replaced. Often, patients will assume that receiving a dental crown is the same as having a tooth replaced. However, this is a far less invasive procedure as a crown will be limited to have a protective layer applied over the remaining tooth rather than having the entire tooth replaced. The remaining tooth will likely need to have its shape adjusted to allow it to better fit the crown, but this will still be far less invasive than replacing the tooth.

Will A Dental Crown Stop All Feeling In A Tooth?

It is extremely common for the damage that is leading to the need for the crown to have caused enough damage to the nerve in the tooth that it will have to be removed. When this is the case, the tooth is likely to suffer a permanent loss of feeling. However, patients should avoid assuming that this will always be the case with a dental crown. There can be situations where the nerve will be able to be left in the tooth. If this is the case with your tooth, you will likely experience decreased feeling in the tooth due to the crown acting as a protective layer.

Can A Dental Crown Come Off The Tooth?

Once a dental crown has been placed on your tooth, you will need to give it very little attention. In most instances, the crown will be free of major maintenance needs or other care compared to what your natural teeth will require. However, it can be necessary to have the crown repaired if it starts to come loose. This is often the result of taking a hit to the mouth or the adhesive failing. Whenever a crown is loosening, it will need to be treated by a dentist as soon as possible to avoid a total failure of the crown. This will keep the repair for securing the crown to a minimum. If it is allowed to completely come loose, reattaching it can be difficult due to the risk of further damage occurring to the tooth.