Seeing Your Dentist About A Broken Tooth? Other Services You Can Schedule At The Same Time

When you chip or break a tooth, you know it is time to see your family dentist. Guess what? You can schedule lots of other services and appointments for about the same time, if you are willing to wait just a bit longer for the dentist's schedule to be a little more open. Here are some examples of what you can do with the extra services and appointments wedged into your dentist's time. 

Schedule the Kids' Six-Month Checkups Before They Go Back to School

Dentists see an uptick in appointments for the kids right before school starts again. That is because getting kids out of school or scheduling after-school appointments for a dental visit is often a nightmare. Making sure that the kids get their six-month checkups before school starts means that you do not have to worry about that again until almost spring break. Schedule their appointments around yours, and your family dentist can see you all at once. 

Fill Those Cavities You Have Put off Filling

You are going in to have a chipped/broken tooth restored anyway, so why not have those known cavities restored and filled as well? If you get it all done in one long appointment, you do not have to come back and sit in the chair another time for cavities that could have been addressed in a longer appointment. It may mean waiting longer to get in to see your dentist, and it may mean clearing your calendar for an entire morning or afternoon, but at least it will be done. If you have more than three cavities that need to be addressed, you may have to return. 

Deep Gingiva Cleaning

This is one service most people do not look forward to, but it helps remove a lot of tartar buildup you cannot see and bacteria that is causing major inflammation in your gums (i.e., gingiva). After your chipped/broken tooth is restored, the hygienist and dentist can do a deep gingiva cleaning to eliminate bacteria that could cause an infection near the restored tooth, which you definitely do not want. Your gums may be sensitive and uncomfortable for up to a week after the cleaning, but then you should notice a marked improvement in their health and appearance. Additionally, you should notice improvement in your breath, too, since a lot of the bacteria that causes bad breath has been removed during the cleaning.