Dental Implants: 4 Tips To Improve Their Durability

You could use dental implants if you are self-conscious about dental gaps. One question you may ask yourself before the procedure is how long the implants are likely to last. Well, dental implants are permanent teeth restorations solutions. And they can be lifelong if you take good care of them. Even better, there are tips you can implement to increase their longevity. Read on to learn tips to boost your implant longevity

 1. You Should Act Fast

You can lose your teeth in different ways, from a traumatic injury to cavities. But whichever the case, it is best to seek dental implants without delay. When you lose a tooth, your bone will shrink due to lack of stimulation. This might make your facial structures droop, giving you an older look than your actual age. Worse still, if you decide to get the treatment, you might need bone grafting, which may take time to heal and cost you more. Therefore, if you plan to get dental implants, you would better get them now. The implant will be stronger, and it will cost you less.

2. Osseointegration

This is the fusing of the implant with your bone. And it has to complete perfectly for the procedure to succeed. While osseointegration could take several months, certain habits can slow it down and affect the overall longevity of the implants. For example, nicotine can ruin your immune system if you are a smoker, interfering with osseointegration. Without successful osseointegration, the implant will be at a high risk of failure. So, if you want to increase the success rate of your treatment, be sure to quit or reduce smoking during the osseointegration period and follow any other advice from your dentist.

3. Good Oral Hygiene 

If you have existing dental diseases, your dentist must address them before the procedure. They cannot place the implant over unhealthy gums. Also, getting an implant does not eliminate the chances of gum disease. Oral hygiene plays a crucial role and can affect the durability of your implants. Therefore, you need to be consistent and thorough with your dental care before and after the procedure. Make sure to brush, floss, and visit your dentist regularly

4. Work With an Experienced Dentist

If you want perfectly installed implants that will last long, you have every reason to enlist the services of a competent and reliable dentist. They have performed many other procedures before and have access to the latest technology to make your treatment fast, accurate, and painless. What's more, they will give you proven advice to take care of your implants so that you enjoy them for many years to come.

Dental implants are a tried and tested teeth restoration solution. To reap the full benefits of your implants for long, be sure to consider the factors listed above. For more information about dental implants, reach out to your dentist.