What A Dentist May Say Is The Cause Of Your Bad Breath

Do you have a problem where your breath is always bad? If so, you're likely wondering what the cause of it is. One professional you can turn to for more information is your dentist, and you'll likely hear the following reasons from them.

You May Not Be Cleaning Your Tongue

Have you actually taken a look at your tongue really close up in the mirror? You've likely noticed all of those small bumps on the surface, which is called the papilla. These bumps allow food debris and bacteria to collect around the bumps on your tongue, which will eventually start to smell.

The key to getting rid of the stinky bacteria on your tongue is to use a tongue scraper. It's going to do a much better job than using a toothbrush due to the sharp edge that can help get the bacteria out from around those bumps. It is also very easy to clean a tongue scraper by running it under water, so you won't be brushing your teeth with a dirty toothbrush.

You May Have Tartar And Plaque Buildup

Tartar and plaque buildup can also contribute to a mouth that smells. Even someone who brushes and flosses daily is not going to be able to get tartar off their teeth, especially if it is underneath the gum line. That's why you need to visit your dentist regularly to professionally clean your mouth and get rid of that plaque.

You May Have a Dry Mouth

Having a dry mouth can actually cause bad breath. This is due to your mouth having a lack of saliva, which causes the bacteria to stay in your mouth and smell. Unfortunately, there are some things that may be causing dry mouth that you may not be aware of. For example, there may be medications that you are taking that make your mouth dry. On the other hand, it could be from using an alcohol mouthwash that causes your mouth to become dry.

You May Have Sinus Problems

Bacteria and mucus tend to collect in the back of your throat, which is hard to clean when you have a constant problem. Your nasal drip is going to lead to more bacteria forming in the back of your throat, and naturally cause an odor to form. Taking care of your sinus problem can lead to fixing your bad breath problem as well.

Reach out to a dental office—such as Family Dentistry Of Woodstock—for more information on chronic bad breath.