2 Dental Restorations You May Need

The ideal way to take care of your teeth is by seeing your dentist on a routine basis. This will allow any minor issues to be taken care of prior to these becoming major ones. It's entirely possible to get decay over time and working to fix a cavity quickly is the key to avoiding the loss of a tooth. Being aware of ways your teeth can be restored if this is necessary may be helpful to you.

Restoration #1: Dental Fillings

If your tooth isn't severely decayed, it may be entirely possible to get a dental filling. This process will allow your provider to take out the cavity and fill it with a specific composite material. Of course, the material that will be used will be the one your dentist feels will last the longest. Some of the most common ones include porcelain amalgam and resin.

When all of the decay has been drilled out by your provider the filling will be put in place, and it should last for many years to come.

Restoration #2: Dental Crowns

If you have a tooth that is severely decayed, you'll want to be certain to get it fixed as fast as possible. Otherwise, it's entirely possible to lose the tooth, and this is the last thing you'll want to endure.

Getting a dental crown may be necessary in this instance and will typically require you to make two visits to your dentist. Below are the usual steps in this procedure:

  1. Consultation – You will meet with your dentist to determine the extent of your decay and a plan will be created for repairing the tooth. There will be x-rays done during this time.
  2. Remove the decay – The first thing that will need to be done is the removal of the cavity.
  3. Impression of the tooth – Your dentist will make a full impression of your tooth, and this will be sent to a dental lab to help build the crown.
  4. Placement – Once the dental crown is ready, you'll return to the office and have it cemented into place.

The good news is you can work to restore your teeth in many dire situations when you rely on the best dentist to help you do so. Be sure to take the time to schedule an appointment with a dentist like Webster John B DDS to have a full examination of your teeth for optimal results!