3 Healthy Foods To Pack In Your Child's Lunch To Keep Their Teeth Clean

While your child is at school, you may worry about how to keep their teeth clean after lunch, especially if you know they do not have time to brush before the period ends. If so, pack your child's lunch with one or more of these foods that are not only healthy but can also keep clean your kid's teeth.

Apple Slices with the Peel

One tooth-cleansing food that may already be one of your child's favorites is apple slices. The juice in the fruit not only makes for a sweet snack, but it also contains malic acid that can help soften plaque. Then, the fibrous meat helps scrape it away.

When you prepare the apple slices for your kid's lunch, leave the peels on them. The peels add another abrasive element to the snack, helping to remove food residue and plaque that may have formed on their teeth while eating their meal.

Raw Carrot Sticks

Carrot sticks are another easy, healthy addition to the lunch box that helps keep your child's teeth clean. Their crunchy texture helps remove any visible food and gunk left over from their meal. 

However, the crunchiness carrots go one step further in cleaning their mouth. Because of their slightly tart flavor, the carrots stimulate the production of saliva in your kid's mouth. This saliva contains chemicals that can help clean away and kill bacteria that could give your child cavities or gum disease.

Yogurt for Eating and Dipping

Whether served alone or as a dipping sauce for one of the foods spoken about in the previous sections, yogurt also has the ability to clean your child's teeth and mouth. During the processing of yogurt, good bacteria are used and are still present in the finished product. These healthy bacteria can then kill off the bad germs, giving your child an effective and tasty antiseptic treatment.

When selecting the yogurt to pack in your child's lunch, try to use one that has little to no sugar, since too much of the sweetener can cause cavities. Even if you use a yogurt that has added healthy bacteria, they cannot combat an overload of sugar in your child's mouth.

Even if your child cannot brush their teeth at school, packing the above foods in their lunchbox can help keep their teeth clean. For more information on how to keep your kid's teeth healthy and free from cavities, speak with their kid dentist for more tips and advice.