3 Ways A Dental Cleaning Protects Your Teeth

Many dentists recommend that you come in for a dental cleaning a couple of times each year. This allows them to not only clean all of your teeth, but it also gives them the opportunity to look for and fix any cavities or other issues that you may have at this time. Getting a dental cleaning can go a long way in protecting your teeth and this article will discuss 3 ways that it does this. 

Plaque And Tartar Removal

During your dental cleaning, the dental hygienist or assistant will use a scraper to carefully scrape the plaque and tartar off of each and every tooth. They go up and around the gum line, as well as the front portion and chewing portion of the tooth. This tools is incredibly effective at removing any build up, and immediately stops the plaque and tartar from harming your teeth and causing potential problems like cavities, gum disease, and more.


One of the first things that take place as your dental cleaning is getting an x-ray of your mouth. The dental assistant will take a few different x-rays of your upper and lower teeth and mouth in order to see them at multiple angles. The dentist will then look over and otherwise analyze these x-rays to see if they see anything that looks abnormal. They will look for cavities in your teeth, but will also check if you have any added growths or spots in your mouth that may be a sign of oral cancer. By doing this simple x-ray, you can fix or even prevent several things that may otherwise go unnoticed.


At the end of your dental cleaning, you will be asked if you would like to have a fluoride treatment on your teeth. This is a foaming solution that will sit on your teeth for a minute or so and provides an extra layer of protection between your teeth and anything that comes in contact with them. This can be very helpful in reducing the amount of cavities on your teeth, especially since it covers every single side of your teeth. As an added bonus, the fluoride is generally flavored and tastes great. You will just want to be sure that you avoid eating a half hour or so after getting the fluoride treatment so that you give it time to take full effect before you eat or drink something. Contact an office, like Ramtown Dental Associates , to get started.