Reasons For Tooth Loss And How Dentures Can Restore Lost Teeth

Dentures can transform the look of your face and smile. The cheeks and other soft tissues of the face are supported by the dental appliance, and the teeth are restored.

Many people lose their teeth as they age. Here are a few reasons for tooth loss and how dentures can be used to restore the lost teeth.

Reduction in Jawbone Density

Some people lose their teeth and require dentures because of a reduction in the thickness of their jawbone. As a person ages, there is sometimes a natural reduction in the size of this bone, especially if the person has already lost multiple teeth.

When a tooth is lost, the area of the jawbone where the tooth resided no longer receives the stimulation that it needs to maintain its usual density. As a result, the bone shrinks or atrophies. This shrinking can cause other teeth to become loose within their sockets in the jawbone. The loosening can result in the loss or shifting of the teeth.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease can also result in tooth loss. The gums can become inflamed due to inadequate dental hygiene. In addition, certain habits and health conditions can affect the gums' risk of the condition. Tobacco users and people who have poorly controlled blood sugar have an increased risk of gum disease.

Gum disease can progress over time. It may initially present as swelling and bleeding but develop into a full-blown infection that affects the connective tissues and bone that hold the teeth in place. If the condition is not reversed, it can lead to tooth loss.

Dentures Used to Replace the Lost Teeth

Dentures are often used to replace a large number of missing teeth. Partial dentures are prescribed when several teeth are missing from the same palate. Full dentures are used when all of the teeth from the upper or lower jaw are missing.

Dentures Without Slipping

Nowadays, many denture wearers do not have to endure the slipping and clacking of their appliance as dental patients in the past did. Dentures are often supported and held in place by dental implants.

Implant-supported dentures include a mechanism that allows the dentures to be connected to the implants and released at will. As a result, the implants hold the dentures securely in position. However, the dentures still remain removable.

If you suffer from tooth loss and are interested in learning more about dentures, schedule an appointment with a dentist in your local area.