Teeth Whitening Myths To Avoid

Spend any time browsing through a magazine or watching television and you're likely to see at least an ad or two about teeth whitening. Make sure you are not falling for everything you see, as all whitening methods are definitely not created equal. Ensure you know what whitening myths are out there to keep your teeth in better condition and to help you achieve the smile you've always wanted.  

You Can Go Back To Your Regular Habits

It doesn't matter if you have your teeth whitened in a professional office or use your own at-home method, if you go back to your old habits that led to staining, you are likely to find yourself back in the same place. For instance, if years of drinking four cups of coffee each day led to dark spots on your teeth, it's fair to say that if you continue to indulge excessively, your whitening effects will be short-lived.

 Make sure you aren't going back to your old habits. In this instance, while this might not include giving up coffee totally, at least cutting back on the number of cups each day can help.

Whitening Paste Is The Easiest Solution

There is also the myth that simply relying on a tooth whitening paste is the easiest solution for brightening your smile. Again, this is a myth. It might seem that since you're already brushing your teeth every day, simply switching to a whitening paste is an easy fix.

The issue is that the results of whitening paste generally don't compare to the type of results achievable with an in-office treatment and if you're using an abrasive paste, it could even damage the surface of the enamel. Combined not only will it take longer to achieve results, you can harm your teeth in the process.

Whitening Methods Hurt Sensitive Teeth

If you have sensitive teeth and you have been avoiding teeth whitening, don't let a myth lead you incorrectly. There is a fairly common idea that whitening methods can be too harsh for sensitive teeth, leading to discomfort.

While high-powered lasers and bleaching agents might sometimes be too harsh for someone with sensitive teeth, these are factors that a professional can work around. Whether it's altering the intensity or treatment length of the laser or creating a different bleaching solution, a professional can help you work around your sensitivity concerns.

When it comes to myths concerning teeth whitening, your provider is going to be your best source for information. Don't let a myth give you false information; speak with your provider.