Four Reasons to Take Your Family to a Family Dentist

In this day and time, every professional wants to specialize in what they are doing. Dentistry is no different. In the United States alone there are nine recognized areas of dental specialties. While specialization has its place, if you are looking for a dentist you can stay with for the rest of your life, there are real benefits to utilizing a family dental practice. This type of dental practice offers so many more benefits outside of simply providing top-notch dental care:

1. A Family Dentist Can Help Ease Your Dentophobia

 Have you ever utilized a large dental practice where you felt that no one really knew your name? You know, the place where the hygienist calls your name in the waiting room and then looks past you while you are scrambling to your feet? If you already suffer from any type of dental fear or dental anxiety, this unfamiliarity does not help to put you at ease. 

When you patronize a family dental practice, they are invested in getting to know you and helping you to get to know them. This helps you to relax more, and it helps them to learn what you are most anxious about. Once you and your dentist work through your anxieties, you can relax knowing that the calming techniques, medications, and other supports you require to be successful are recorded in your chart. 

2. A Family Dentist Can Provide a Continuum of Care

A family dentist is able to provide care for your entire family even if your ages range from toddlers to senior citizens. By providing this continuum of care, your dentist is able to identify and focus on areas of dental care and health issues that may affect you and your family at each point in your life.

Did you know that genetics may place you at a higher risk of tooth decay and gum disease? This means that no matter how hard you work to maintain your dental hygiene, cavities in certain people may be inevitable. By treating your entire family, your family dentist may be able to identify and address genetic issues or abnormalities quicker than someone who does not have the entire picture.

3. A Family Dentist Addresses All Your Concerns in One Place

Although your family dentist may choose to refer you out to a specialist in certain situations, most family dentists are trained to handle almost any dental need you may have. This means that you will not just be able to get your cleanings and fillings from your family dentist, but you will also be able to get other services that you need. These may include the following:

  • root Canals
  • braces
  • dental Implants
  • bridges
  • crowns and more

In addition to these, a family dentist is also trained to identify and treat diseases of your gums and other oral tissues. 

4. A Family Dentist Offers Family-Friendly Services

Because a family dentist is used to dealing with family members of all ages, most of them have been trained in dealing with pediatric as well as geriatric patients. This training often produces a kinder and more gentle approach to providing services and a better chair-side manner. This type of practice will often offer both stickers to kids and denture brushes to adults, which will often quickly make them a favorite of both your child and your parents. 

If you are looking for a new dentist, give a family dental practitioner a chance to earn your business. Once you allow them to earn your business, they will work really hard to keep you. They know that as long as they do a good job, they will be able to provide your dental services for the rest of your life. Find a family dental practice through a website like