When Stress Affects Your Teeth

It's not just during the day that stress could make you want to gnash your teeth. Those under stress could take things out on their teeth during the night as well. Unfortunately, teeth grinding can be harmful to your teeth. Read on to find out more about teeth-grinding, or bruxism, and about a popular solution. What's the Harm in Teeth-grinding? If your partner has reported hearing clicks, clacks, and other strange noises from your mouth area during the night, you might be suffering from bruxism. [Read More]

What Botox Treatments Can Do For You

When you think of Botox use, do you think of people getting rid of their wrinkles? While Botox can certainly be used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, that's not all that it's good for. Furthermore, Botox isn't always performed in a spa or administered by a plastic surgeon. In fact, it's becoming increasingly common for people to visit their dentists for a variety of Botox treatments. You'll likely be surprised at the different ways in which a dentist can use Botox to improve your quality of life. [Read More]

Scheduling Regular Dentist Visits for Improved Oral Health

People usually spend a lot of money treating dental issues that would have otherwise been prevented if they maintained a good dental care routine and made regular visits to the dentist. For example, some people develop dental issues because of using the wrong dental care techniques. Thus, regular dentist visits are essential for good oral hygiene and general body health. Dentists offer many benefits to their clients, ranging from treating dental illnesses to giving advice on appropriate routines to use. [Read More]

3 Things You Should Know About Dental Care

While you may not give your teeth and gums much thought, taking care of your oral and dental health is essential. Dental decay and gum disease have links to other health issues like heart disease. So not taking care of your teeth and gums can impact your overall health. Because of the impact your teeth and gums have on your health, proper dental care is essential. Here are a few things to know about dental care. [Read More]