The Types Of Artificial Devices And Teeth Used In Full Mouth Reconstruction

A dentist may use several different types of prosthetic teeth and devices during a full mouth reconstruction. What they recommend will, at least partially, depend on the state of each part of your mouth. Here's a guide to the different types of devices that may be used as part of a full mouth reconstruction. Veneers: Giving Stained Teeth a New Look Veneers are used to improve the appearance of stained or discolored teeth. [Read More]

Parent Of A Newborn? You Need To Know About Baby Bottle Mouth Syndrome!

Babies. They are quite vocal at times, aren't they? When they cry, parents do everything they can to try to figure out what is wrong. Sometimes, babies simply want to suckle. It's not that they are hungry, but the suckling action helps them self-soothe. Because of this natural instinct that babies have, many parents cave in and put their baby's down to sleep with a bottle. But doing so can damage their precious little teeth. [Read More]

3 Causes Of Chronic Bad Breath In Adults

Everyone gets bad breath occasionally. Forgetting to brush your teeth, getting an oral infection or consuming a garlicky meal can all lead to temporary bad breath. However, for some people, bad breath is a daily struggle. If your breath always smells, it could be caused by one or more of these three factors. Tobacco If you use tobacco, your habit may be the cause of your chronic bad breath. This type of bad breath is colloquially known as " [Read More]

Dental Abscess Types, Symptoms And Treatment

Understanding the types and symptoms of dental abscesses is important so you can recognize them quickly and get treated as soon as possible. Here is some information about dental abscesses so you can be prepared in case you ever face this problem. Dental Abscess Types Dental abscesses arise from bacterial infections of the teeth and gums. Abscesses are classified depending on where this infection originated. Abscesses that were caused by infections in the pulp of the tooth are known as periapical abscesses. [Read More]