Your Crooked Bite May Be to Blame for Your TMJ

Temporomandibular joint disorder is an uncomfortable thing to go through. The clicking, popping, and pain in the joint can ruin your day and serve as a distraction from everything that you want to enjoy. While there are many different causes for TMJ, if you have never had braces and know that your teeth or bite are crooked, it's possible that this is the main culprit behind your jaw pain. Here's what you need to know about how a crooked bite can contribute to TMJ. [Read More]

How to Prepare for Teeth Whitening

If you are planning to bleach your teeth, there are several steps you should take to prepare for the procedure. These measures will help you benefit the most from your whitening treatment. Below are some of these measures. Clean Your Teeth This tip doesn't refer to just brushing or flossing; you need to get your teeth cleaned by a dentist. There are two main reasons to get your teeth professional cleaned before bleaching them. [Read More]

3 Emergency Dental Situations Where You Should Act Fast

As a parent of young children, you may someday be faced with a dental emergency. Should that time ever come, you may wonder whether you should take your child to their dentist's office, or your local emergency room. Sometimes knowing what to do and acting quickly can greatly improve the outcome of the situation. Here is a small guide to help you know how to respond to certain emergency situations. [Read More]

Correcting Dental Problems With A Crown

Sometimes, dental patients can be poorly informed about their treatment options when confronted with damaged or decaying teeth. Learning more about options like dental crowns can help patients make better decisions about their treatment. Is A Dental Crown The Same As Replacing A Tooth? There are few dental treatments that will be more important or invasive than having a tooth completely replaced. Often, patients will assume that receiving a dental crown is the same as having a tooth replaced. [Read More]