Is There A Way To Recover More Quickly From Sedation After Dental Work?

Sedation dentistry is a wonderful way for people to get through dental procedures when they might normally avoid them, and it's a great way to avoid dealing with the sounds of the dental equipment. But it also makes you groggy for a while, and you can't do that much after the procedure. The sedative used doesn't knock you out for long, and you won't feel effects for days. But if you still don't like feeling more tired than normal, you can do a few things to help your recovery along. [Read More]

Laughing Gas As A Dental Sedative

If you are afraid to visit your dentist, you may avoid receiving the dental care that you need to maintain your oral health. Dental fears are common, but your dentist may have solutions to help ease your anxiety. Sedation dentistry involves the application of sedatives to help reduce dental anxiety and allow fearful patients to relax during their dental visits. The sedatives used in sedation dentistry include oral, injected, and inhaled medications. [Read More]

Should You Get Your Tooth Extracted?

When a tooth is having problems, the first choice for many people would be a restoration. Dentures, crowns, fillings, etc. are all restorative options. Although you may not want to lose a tooth, there are times where your dentist may think that it is a better option. When is a tooth extraction better than a restoration? If you've had restorations in the past for a problem tooth, but they keep failing, then it may be better to extract the tooth. [Read More]

Basic Denture Questions You May Have

Having missing teeth is a major problem that can have important impacts on your quality of life. Dentures are commonly utilized to correct the various problems caused by missing teeth. Yet, patients often have key misconceptions or limited information concerning dentures. Is Wearing A Set A Dentures Painful Or Uncomfortable? Patients will often be under the impression that wearing dentures will be extremely uncomfortable or even painful. Yet, dentures are customized to the unique contours of your gum line and teeth. [Read More]