Bulimia And Your Dental Health

It's important for everyone to care for their teeth, since everyone is at risk of cavities and other dental issues. However, there are some who are more at risk of dental problems either due to genetics, illnesses, lifestyle choices, or eating disorders. One eating disorder that can cause a lot of problems for your teeth is bulimia. If you are bulimic, then you want to become more aware of how the condition is not only affecting your health in many ways, but also how you can be destroying your teeth, and putting yourself at risk of developing a lot of dental problems. Here are some things you want to know about bulimia and your teeth.

Bad foods can cause problems with your teeth

When you binge on the foods that you are craving, you will more than likely be eating unhealthy foods that contain a lot of sugars or acids. The sugary foods aren't good for anyone to eat because they stick to the teeth and cause plaque to develop and the high-acid foods aren't good for your teeth because they will eat away at the enamel. Since enamel is the outer layer of 'armor' that protects your teeth, this is a very bad thing. 

Stomach acids will harm your teeth

When you binge and purge, you will be throwing up more than the food you consumed. When that food comes back up the acids from your stomach will also come up. Stomach acids are very strong as can be understood when you think about how good of a job they do of breaking down all of the different kinds of foods people consume. As strong as those acids are, it's simple to see why you shouldn't bring them up into your mouth where they can eat away at your teeth and make them become thinner and weaker. Not only will you have to worry about cavities, but you will also need to be concerned about tooth fractures, chips, and breaks. You will also have to worry more about gum disease and tooth rot.

Stomach acids can also cause your teeth to become discolored

When you invite that strong stomach acid into your mouth to eat away at your teeth, your teeth will also become discolored. Once the enamel has been thinned away, the dentin can show through and it is a darker color. This can leave you with yellow, orange, gray or brown teeth. Also, the bad foods you may be binging on will cause staining on top of the already darker colors your teeth have become.

Stomach acids can cause mouth sores

Those stomach acids coming back up into your mouth regularly can also lead to the development of sores in your mouth. These sores can be very painful, and they can hurt even more when you continue to bring more acid into your mouth.

Stomach acids can leave you with a dry mouth

You can end up with a dry mouth that further increases your chances of ending up with dental problems. Dry mouth can be frustrating on its own, but it also puts you at even more of a risk of getting cavities. Plus, you may find the foods you eat taste off.

For more help, and to address tooth care needs, contact your local family dentistry clinic.