Basic Denture Questions You May Have

Having missing teeth is a major problem that can have important impacts on your quality of life. Dentures are commonly utilized to correct the various problems caused by missing teeth. Yet, patients often have key misconceptions or limited information concerning dentures.

Is Wearing A Set A Dentures Painful Or Uncomfortable?

Patients will often be under the impression that wearing dentures will be extremely uncomfortable or even painful. Yet, dentures are customized to the unique contours of your gum line and teeth. While patients that have recently started wearing dentures may experience mild gum irritation when they first start wearing dentures, this is a problem that will typically start to fade within a few days of wearing the dentures on a regular basis.

Are Dentures Always Removable?

A common misconception about dentures is that they will always be easily removed or even loose while they are worn. While it is common for dentures to be removable, there are permanent options. These dentures are placed in the mouth by attaching them to the remaining teeth. In order to qualify for this type of denture, there will need to be healthy teeth to serve as an anchor for the permanent dentures. This will require the teeth to be inspected to ensure they will be able to provide enough support for the permanent denture.

Can Dentures Break?

Sadly, there can be instances where the denture may become compromised or completely broken. Often, this occurs as a result of improper care as this can allow the dentures to weaken enough to be at risk of this damage. Also, strong impacts to the mouth can damage the dentures. When your dentures have suffered damage, they should be repaired promptly as this may allow you to avoid the costs of completely replacing the dentures.

Why Do Dentures Need To Be Periodically Adjusted?

Having the dentures adjusted is a task that will need to be done periodically. Patients often assume that this is needed simply due to the dentures gradually warping over time. However, this is also needed because the gum line of the patient can shift without the teeth being present. These shifts can result in the dentures failing to correctly fit the mouth. This can make the dentures feel less stable while also lead to sores or irritations. Patients will typically need these adjustments twice a year. Waiting too long to have this done can also make it more difficult for the dentist to make sure there is a good fit as the dentures will require larger adjustments.

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