Are You Concerned About Swallowing Your Braces Bracket?

One of the concerns people have with braces is the risk of swallowing them. Though the idea of swallowing orthodontics is frightening enough, the risk is not as high as most people think; though it's there. Here are some of the reasons you may swallow your braces:

DIY Adjustment Of Lose Brackets

Braces are usually designed and fixed to fit their wearers; they are custom designed. However, there is always a risk that your braces may loosen before your treatment period is over. This may happen, for example, if the glue that holds the orthodontics weakens prematurely.

If this happens, it is advisable to see your orthodontist for a professional adjustment. The DIY adjustment may worsen the problem or even cause you to swallow part of the braces because you might not even have the right instruments to deal with the problem.

Damage Occasioned by Dental Trauma

Dental trauma is also a common cause of swallowing braces. A car accident, collision during contact sports, or slip and fall accidents are some of the cases where braces can get knocked of your teeth and sent flying into your throat. In such cases, you may even end up swallowing your braces accidentally. In some cases, even chewing hard food, biting on your fingernails or using your teeth as a tool (for example to open a can) can damage the braces and cause you to swallow a piece of it.

What to Do In Case Of Swallowing

In most cases, the damaged piece of the braces will pass through the digestive tract without any complication. This is because the pieces of metal used in orthodontics are not very sharp and are unlikely to get stuck in your throat. Besides, the digestive tract is acidic, and the acid will melt most of the materials.

However, you still need to see your orthodontist for help. Call for emergency medical or dental care if the broken piece is stuck in your aero-digestive tract. This is because the piece of orthodontics may interfere with your eating or breathing. It may also leave you with an upset stomach if it doesn't pass through your throat successfully. Otherwise, schedule an appointment with your dentist to get a replacement.

Hopefully, your orthodontics will take you through the whole course of treatment without any hitches. Improve your chances of success by following your orthodontist's advice to the letter. Also, consult the orthodontist every time you develop a complication to get the issues sorted out because they may derail your treatment.