Dealing With A Dental Abscess

Have your gums been in a lot of pain lately that seems to be getting worse? It is in your best interest to take a close look at your gums to find out if there is a lump growing near one of your teeth. If you notice a lump, it means that the pain that you are suffering from is likely from a dental abscess being present. You will need attention from a dentist as soon as possible if there is an abscess developing on your gums, as it can cause other problems if it isn't treated in a timely manner. This article will give you more information about a dental abscess.

Why a Dental Abscess Develops

A dental abscess will usually develop on the gums when there is an infected tooth. The infection typically develops from a cavity being present that has been left untreated for a long time. When bacteria make it inside of a cavity, it can infect the pulp that is located in the bottom area of the tooth. Basically, pulp consists of several things that are important to a tooth, including nerves and blood vessels. When the pulp gets infected, nerves can die and an abscess can develop, which is very painful to deal with.

Getting Rid of the Lump at Home

If you intend on attempting to get rid of the lump from the dental abscess on your own, it isn't a good idea. You will be better off by making an appointment at a clinic that offers emergency dental services so the abscess can be properly treated. The reason why getting rid of the lump at home isn't in your best interest is because it is filled with toxins that can cause harm to your health. If you were to puncture the lump, pus will flow out of it into your mouth. The bacteria present in the pus can be highly toxic and can get into your bloodstream.

How a Dentist Might Treat a Dental Abscess

The main way that a dentist treats a dental abscess is by performing a root canal on the infected tooth, although other methods can be used. He or she will basically get rid of the infected pump by using a dental tool to do so. Drilling into the enamel of your tooth might be done to reach the pulp if the cavity isn't already deep enough.  The dentist will be able to safely release the pus inside of the lump, and you will like be given antibiotics before the procedure takes place to contain the infection. Visit for more information.