Pediatric Dental Myths New Parents Often Believe

Being a good parent to your child is likely the most important goal that you have. However, raising a child will require you to learn about the various medical needs that will need to be met and the problems that will have to be solved. Many people will find that they are not as informed about pediatric dental needs as they would like to be, which can open the door to believing myths and other serious notions.

Myth: Your Child's Adolescent Teeth Are Not Particularly Important

Due to the fact that children will lose their first set of teeth, it can be a common mistake for individuals to fail to appreciate the need to care for and protect these teeth. For example, if your child suffers the loss of one of their teeth, it can cause alignment issues for the surrounding teeth, and this problem can greatly worsen as their permanent teeth develop. Additionally, poor oral health practices can cause your child to be at a far greater risk of suffering from gum disease, abscesses and other serious dental problems. By taking the time to enforce good oral hygiene habits, your will be able to protect the appearance of your child's smile and their overall dental health.

Myth: Your Children Only Need To Visit An Orthodontist If Their Teeth Are Visibly Crooked

One of the defining characteristics of your child's smile will be the alignment of the teeth. Regretfully, parents can be poor judges of whether their child's teeth are straight due to the fact that they will not have the equipment or training to perform a thorough examination. While your child's teeth may appear to be straight, there can be seemingly minor misalignments that can drastically worsen as the child grows. In order to effectively know whether your child will need to have corrective procedures done, you should have your child's teeth evaluated by an orthodontist at least once a year. Also, you should have the teeth evaluated following any serious injuries, such as missing teeth, to determine whether spacers will be needed to prevent the teeth from shifting.

Meeting a growing child's dental needs is one of the aspects of being a parent that many people may struggle to meet. Knowing the importance of protecting your child's adolescent teeth as well as the benefits of regular orthodontic evaluations should help your child to grow up with a beautiful smile that will allow them to smile with confidence.